May 18 2020

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Search Private and Personalised Number Plates

Are you searching for a personal number plate? If you know what you want, then simply type it into the search box above and click ‘Search’. Or you can head over to our Build a Number Plate page to style your private registration and view it on a car.

If you’re not sure or you’re looking for a particular type of registration, choose from the options below to define your search. Or for a more in-depth explanation of the different types of registrations take a look at our Types of DVLA Number Plates page.

Number plate location and age checker

Do you want to know when a particular registration mark was released? Simply enter it into the box below and we will tell you when, where or if it was first registered.

Search Number Plates and Private Registrations by Type

The Current Style Vehicle Registration Format begins with two letters for the area code, immediately followed by the plates age, before closing with three random letters to create a unique code.

The Prefix Style Vehicle Registration Format begins with a prefix that shows the year of its registration, an area code at the end and a unique code between the two.

The Suffix Style Vehicle Registration Format is very similar to the prefix registration format, but shows the year of registration age at the very end of the number plate. It also displays an area and unique code.

Dateless & Cherished

The most sought-after number plates tend to be either dateless or cherished. With minimal characters and no age identifier displayed, they can truly personalise your vehicle’s number plate with maximum customisation potential.

Northern Irish

The Northern Irish number plate design consists of either one to three letters followed by an array of numbers, or an array of numbers followed by one to three letters. Northern Irish number plates are best for easily creating nick-names or tag-lines to make a registration your own!

Cheap Number Plates

Working with a budget but still want that custom look on your vehicle? Take a look at our cheap number plates selection and see if you can snap yourself up a bargain!.

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Buying Private Plates.

We’ve tried to make the process of buying a private number plate and personalised DVLA registrations (Unissued Government Stock) as simple as possible. Our number plate experts are here to help you each step of the way on: 01772 566400, and just in case, we also have a handy number plate help page. All transactions are encrypted on a secure line for ultimate security.

Secure, Established & Trusted.

New Reg has been the firm favourite with people looking for a perfect personalised number plate since 1991; we were the first company to sell private number plates online in 1996, and are a recognised DVLA reseller.

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Best Price, Promised.

New Reg Guarantee to beat the price if you find the same Unissued Government Stock (Dvla Number Plate) simultaneously advertised cheaper anywhere else! Our Guarantee applies to current prices at your time of purchase from us and incorporates the cost of the rights to display the Registration Mark; the VAT applied on the purchase of the same; and the compulsory fee charged by the Department for Transport. Unissued Government Stock is a registration plate combination that has never been assigned to a car or certificate.

New Reg staff will coordinate the entire transfer of your personalised registration with DVLA Swansea when requested by you. Our car registrations 24 hour ‘Buy’ form takes priority over our ‘Enquire’ form or a ‘Telephone’ enquiry. New Reg sell DVLA registrations (Unissued Government Stock), private registrations owned by clients and our own stock number plates on a ‘first come, first served basis’. All number plates are subject to availability, DVLA transfer fees and terms and conditions, some number plates are subject to VAT.

We shall debit your payment card if your offer for one of our registration marks is accepted and provide confirmation. Under The Consumer Contracts Regulations, The Company must notify you that the service we provide begins as soon as The Registration Mark is reserved on your behalf, subsequently there is no ‘cooling off period’, the transaction cannot be reversed and no refund can be given. Our systems record all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations and the date and time of all communication.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. New Reg is not affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. New Reg is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations. New Reg is registered with the DVLA to supply physical number plates only. Ie. The actual acrylic plate.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE – Our firm is a Member of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers, and is governed by their strict rules and regulations. In the unlikely event that a problem cannot be resolved in-house, you can request arbitration, in writing, from the Secretary, MIRAD, PO Box 333, Southport, PR9 7GW.


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