May 18 2020

Local car dealers in my area #Local #car #dealers #in #my #area

Local car dealers in my area


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Buying A Car With Bad Credit

Having good credit whether purchasing a home, car or anything is always favorable or having bad credit or no credit at all.

But purchasing a car with bad credit is absolutely possible you just may have to put down a bigger down payment and have to deal with higher interest rates.

Unfortunately that is the small penalty of having poor credit when financing a vehicle. Buying a certified preowned vehicle would be a better option when financing a vehicle over a used vehicle when applying with poor credit. If your on a budget then there are plenty of decent Used Cars Under $5000

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Car Dealership Financing Approval

Getting approval at a car dealer can be a daunting task for some and especially for those of us with bad or little to no credit.

Usually a more renowned car dealership such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes will have higher requirements when applying for one of their vehicles as opposed to a second hand or preowned car lots. Also luxury cars will usually require a larger down payment and almost always higher insurance rates.

Walking inside a car dealership with confidence of credit is always key and also some dealers may even bargain with you depending on if there are sales currently going on.

When financing a vehicle from a dealership there are a few basic rules. Usually the higher your down payment the lower your monthly payment and the lower your down payment the higher your monthly payment.

So you must consider your budget and your income to make a smart choice when financing a vehicle. There is also a bit of math involved when your purchasing a vehicle such as APR, sales tax, gas guzzler tax and dealer fee’s. So you’ll be adding up more than just the vehicles MSRP.

Leasing Vs Buying From A Car Dealer

Making the decision to either buy or lease your car is an important choice and both option have advantages and disadvantages. Now leasing a vehicle is usually the cheaper option to purchase a car.

Leasing from a car dealer allows you to own a vehicle for a fraction of the cost. Basically when your leasing a vehicle you are paying for the depreciation of the vehicle.

With leasing the dealer still owns the vehicle usually leasing come with support such as vehicle maintenance. The main benefits of leasing a vehicle is the lower out of pocket cost as opposed to financing. People who choose to go with the leasing route also get to trade in the vehicle for a new vehicle after the lease term is up.

Now financing a vehicle is another option of course with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. With financing you will ultimately have more upfront cost and will have a higher monthly payment but will eventually be able to enjoy full ownership of the vehicle.

Financing from an auto dealership is a decision you should make only if you are certain that want to own the car. With fully buying the vehicle some dealers may require a slightly higher credit score than if you were to lease. Depreciation is another thing to consider when purchasing a vehicle especially as new cars can lose up to 50% of their value.

One smart thing to do would be to buy a car after a bit of depreciation so in the end you save money. Carefully consider your situation when making the decision to either lease or buy your vehicle to avoid wasting time and money.

Used Car Dealers Near Me

Aside from buying a new vehicle there are plenty of decent used cars on the market if you know how to shop. You can either buy a used car from a dealership or from private sellers from sites like craigslist.

You must be careful and know a how to vet a vehicle before purchasing because there are a bunch of private sellers and even dealers who will quickly sell you a car that has minor or major issues just for a quick buck. Typically there are a few things I like to check for when buying a used car from a dealer or anywhere else. Some of those things are….

How many miles does the vehicle have?

How many miles are vehicle has can be a important deciding factor when purchasing a used vehicle. Some vehicles handle high mileage a bit better than others.

for instance Honda’s are more known to run strong even after 200,000 miles as opposed to a sports couple such as a Mustang or other high end vehicles. Regardless of the mileage of the car just run the right test to see if a high mileage car is still viable for everyday use.

Has the vehicle had any prior accidents?

Checking if a vehicle has had any prior accidents is also another important step in buying a used car. If the car had any prior accidents that can be an indicator of any recent issues or issues to come. Some vehicle accident issues are easily visible but others are not so ask the right question and use good discernment before purchasing.

Does the vehicle has engine knocks or any unwanted noise?

Engine knocks can be a sign of loose engine rods or any other engine issues. There are two key components to a vehicle and those are the engine and the transmission. The engine is the heart of the vehicle and transmission is almost like the veins.

If either one of those isnt in full working condition then thats a major problem to come. Make sure there is no engine knocks, misfiring or any slipping or sticking gears.

How much rust does the vehicle have?

A bit of rust is ok but no rust is perfect. If the car is rust free then thats the a good sign that the vehicle was well kept in either a warmer climate area or it was garage kept. If the vehicle has alot of rust then that could lead to exhaust leaks which will then make your car loud and sound like a “hooptie”. Rust could also lead to loss of horsepower. Checking for rust should be a priority when buying a used vehicle.


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