Feb 14 2020

Current car news ^ Video

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Current car news


Current car news

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW M3, a new Retro section and a posh SUV fight

Mercedes-AMG GT4 review: is it as scary as it looks?

Turning the AMG GT R into a racecar could be a recipe for drama. We drive the GT4

James Bond 25: 007’s best and worst cars of all time

As more details on the new Bond film are announced, here’s another list.

Top Gear’s Bargain Heroes: the Audi RS2

With Porsche’s help, Audi built one of the finest estates ever. Here’s your guide.

Praise be: the Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato returns!

R-Reforged announces limited run of 38 new, old V12 Zagatos

What does 25 years of tuning fast Audi wagons look like?

RS2 meets RS4+: here’s a quarter-century of fast Audi Avant tuning to feast upon

Behold: the 500bhp, $295k ‘tactical’ Hummer H1

Mil-Spec Automotive’s sixth special Hummer is a zombie-proof monster

These amazing movie cars will go on display

Batman’s Batmobile. RoboCop’s Taurus. Iron Man’s Ford. It’s all good.

Geometry A review: China’s Tesla Model 3 rival tested

Could this Chinese full EV be the affordable car to take on Tesla?

Ford and Rivian are collaborating on an EV

Ford invests $500million in electric car company, and will team-up to build a car

Updated Tesla Model S & X get more range

Big Teslas get tech, charging and suspension upgrades

This is a life-size Lego Honda Civic Type R

Bored of big Lego models? We’re not. Yet.

Mercedes E300 de: diesel-electric hybr >

Kilowatt hours meet diesel power. Must pull like a train, then

Check out this awesome restomod Trabant

Is this proof that no car is safe from restomodders?

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW M3: new issue of TG magazine out now!

Electric beats petrol? You better believe it. Pick up a copy now

Ten reasons why you shouldn’t be afra >

Silicon Valley’s Vonnen beats Porsche to an electrified 911.

Shock! Aston’s DBS Superleggera Volante is a pretty car

Aston’s new convertible supercar looks like a winner

Latest road tests

Mercedes-AMG GT4 review: is it as scary as it looks?

Geometry A review: China’s Tesla Model 3 rival tested

Mercedes E300 de: diesel-electric hybrid tested

Jaguar F-Pace SVR review: supercharged Stelvio rival driven

How good does a Mercedes 190E racecar feel today?

Lexus UX 250h review: ‘self-charging’ hybrid SUV driven

Popular on Top Gear

This tuned Ferrari 328 is bound to cause an argument

Want to see how Tesla builds its cars?

Jaguar F-Pace SVR review: supercharged Stelvio rival driven

Shock! Aston’s DBS Superleggera Volante is a pretty car

US twin test: Lexus ES vs Volvo S60

Can sedans – saloons – still cut it in today’s age of crossovers and SUVs?

Lumma’s Mercedes G- >

This week’s tuned G-Class adds width, big wheels and exhausts. Lots of exhausts

This is an all-electric restomod Ford Bronco

Want to go off-roading in silence? Zero Labs has you covered

Self-driving Teslas might be a thing in 2020

Musk reveals plans for Tesla ride-hailing network, plus new autonomous chip

Weird car doors in Shanghai: a thread

Getting in and out of a car is quite important. But there are many ways of doing so

This tuned Ferrari 328 is bound to cause an argument

Are slammed Ferraris the ultimate Marmite cars?

Jaguar F-Pace SVR review: supercharged Stelvio rival driven

After a cryptic delay, Jag’s 542bhp V8 SUV is finally here. Worth the wait.

The Enovate ME-S is a fully electric Chinese supercar

And it’ll do 0-62mph in around three seconds when it arrives in 2021

Aston Martin’s interested in the hypercar >

Following Koenigsegg, could AM field an entry in the coming seasons?

Want to see how Tesla builds its cars?

Includes: robots, robats, and the largest stamp press in America

Everything you need to know about cars this week: 21 Apr ‘19

News from New York and Shanghai plus driving a resto-mod Datsun and the new Merc CLA

Nissan GT-R at 50: what form will the next GT-R take?

7/7: After a week of celebrations, it’s time to peek into the crystal ball

We must own this Lego BMW M1

With enough support, this blocky BMW could become an actual Lego set

Lotus’s new sports car will be easier to drive daily

Lotus wants a little more civility to its sports cars. Plus, of course, electricity

Look at these lovely Japanese Lamborghinis

Kyoto Concours brings out the world’s best-kept classic Lambos.

Nissan GT-R at 50: what’s it like to own a GT-R?

6/7: TG speaks to three Skyline owners on their ownership experience

TG drag races: BMW M5 Competition vs BMW M5 by DMS

BMW now makes a 616bhp M5. But DMS makes one with even more power.

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