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Cool cool cars ( Video

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Cool cool cars


Cool Addicting Math Games

Cool Math Games Unblocked, Addicting Games

The best collection of Unblocked Cool Math Games for kids online. Math Puzzles, Videos, Activities, Worksheets for all grades. Games like Run 3, Run 2, Dino Run, Johnny upgrade, Mario, Swords and Souls, Bloxrox, Red Ball and more.

New Math Games

Fillness Cool Math

538 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Fillness Cool Addicting Math Game, a fun challenging puzzle. Fill all level space with tiles

Hookshot Cool Math

493 Played 0 Comments 7 Likes

Hookshot Cool Math Game.Shoot the object progressively up the puzzle area sticking to the walls as you rise.

Gate Rusher

574 Played 0 Comments 8 Likes

Gate Rusher, a Cool Addicting Math Game, control the ball to pass trough the holes of the tunnel.

Pixel Invaders

461 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Pixel Invaders, the remake of Space Invaders. Don’t let the aliens conquer the earth, attack the aliens before they attack you. move from side to side to evade the bullets.

Jimothy Piggerton Cool Math

592 Played 0 Comments 3 Likes

Jimothy Piggerton Cool Math, a run platformer game where you have to save your friend from the butcher.

527 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Demolo, a 3d puzzle cool math game, put different squares in such a way that you come up with a connection of more than three colors.

422 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Ducks, a cool math puzzle game. the ducks need to escape, your goal is to find a way how to get them out of there. This is why you need to use all of your special abilities of the ducks. The most important thing is to.

Sprite Box

484 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Sprite Box, a programming learning game.You need to collect all of the coins. Find a way how to get as far as possible and solve 20 mind boggling puzzles

Crazy Eights Cool Math

611 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Crazy Eights cool math, a card game where eight cards are dealt to each player, the first to get rid of all the cards win.

Money Movers 2

509 Played 0 Comments 6 Likes

The Money Movers brothers received a letter from their father to help him escape from the prison. In Money Movers 2 you must revisit the prison to help your father escape. Good luck

Un TangleShapes Cool Math

386 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Un TangleShapes cool math game unblocked. Un-tangle the nodes of the shape to pass each level, think before making each move in this spatial ability game.

Table Hockey

467 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Table Hockey Unblocked Math Game. The classic table hockey game now online, use your pad and battle against your opponent to score.

372 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Shapero, put your motor skills to test in this amazing cool math game. switch between colors and shapes to math the floor. not to quick, not to slow. Have fun with this unblocked math game.

Picoban Cool Math

390 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Picoban cool math game, a retro arcade style sokoban game. Find the key in each level to open the door to the next. This unblocked game is a fun game with 15 levels, featuring deadly traps, gems and lasers. Use the a.

Brave Explorers

389 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Brave Explorers Cool Addicting Math Games, a 3d puzzle game where you need to explore a mysterious world. You need to pass each level solving puzzles and avoiding obstacles.

437 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Persist is a game about persisting to accomplish your goals and reach salvation.

465 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Snowday, a point and click adventure game where you control a young man who entered the annual snowman building contest. Unfortunately you don’t have the right tools for the job! Try your luck by helping other people .

375 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Two Cars Cool Addicting Math Game. Do you think that you can drive two cars at once. With this simple game you can try out your skill at multi-tasking by trying to avoid all the squares on the road while collecting al.

Rocket Dancer 2 Cool Math

511 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Rocket Dancer 2 Cool Math Game. Guide your rocket from one station to another without crashing, you can land on any part of the rocket. Come and try this amazing cool math game.

Word Candy Cool Math

417 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Word Candy Cool Math Game, Combine the letters to create words and collect candies.

454 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Squarus 3 Cool Math, A challenging puzzle game. Guide the square to the destination, avoiding obstacles in your path like laser beams. Enjoy this cool math game unblocked.

Where Do I FIt

393 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Where Do i Fit Cool Addicting Math Games. One question to answer by many more. Try to find where the white square belongs in this brain game.

The Little Knight

390 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

The Little Knight Cool Addicting Math Games. The Little Knight Is Lost In This Dangerous Forest. Help Him Through His Struggle To Make His Path Out

The Soul Driver

477 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

The Soul Driver Cool Addicting Math Games. Master your driving skills to avoid the cops and escape to Mexico before you have any trouble with the law. A Fun racing adventure game, free your soul with this amazing driv.

Super Mario Kart

608 Played 0 Comments 3 Likes

Super Mario Kart Cool Addicting Math Games. Mario is back, race against though opponents trying to be the fastest car on the road.Press Enter to start, x to select and run. the keys to move right or left.

Car Eats Car 6

465 Played 0 Comments 5 Likes

Car Eats Car 6 Cool Math Addicting Games A racing game where you are a little car trying to battle against trucks and avoid been eaten by the cars that chase you. Beetle is the main character of all the games in the .

Rythm Is Lava Cool Math

401 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Rythm Is Lava Cool Math. A puzzle game controlling multiple chars at once avoiding the lava and master timing and rhythm to survive this amazing platform math game.

Type and conquer io

351 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Type and conquer, a cool addicting math game to improve your typing skills and conquer new territories. Push your keyboard to the limit.

Rooky Moves

387 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Rooky Moves a cool math chess game to learn how to move the pieces with a little taste of fun. This cool math game is great to start thinking like a chessmaster. You are the kingdom’s new rookie rook recruit. Deter.

373 Played 0 Comments 3 Likes

Scalak Cool Math Game. Scalak is a incredible puzzle game during each level you must create solid blue shapes – there is a series of squares, each with parts missing. The pieces that slot into these missing parts are .

Choppy Orc

483 Played 0 Comments 3 Likes

Choppy Orc Cool Math Game. Use your ax to defeat the enemies and pass from level to level. A Simple platformer about an Orc that likes chopping stuff with his axe.

Box Challenge

421 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Box Challenge Cool Math Game. Measure the size of the box, so that the box fit the bottom side of the world.

550 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Node Math Game, use your brain to connect the paths of the figure. Think first, anticipate the possibilities, then use your mouse to connect the dots. A interesting puzzle game to work your spatial and abstract thinki.

466 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Draw This, Draw and guess doodles.

357 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Robbie is a fun platform game with a futuristic robot theme. You control an adorable robot named Robbie, get through the factory in this free online puzzle adventure game

Doodle God 3

383 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Doodle God 3 Cool Math Game. Dragons, Warlocks and Wizards,enter an amazing world of Fantasy and Magic from the people that brought you Doodle God. Mix and match hundreds of elements from the fantasy world ranging fro.

Jetpack Rusher

482 Played 0 Comments 3 Likes

Jetpack Rusher. Strap on a bullet-powered jetpack! Strap on a bullet-powered jetpack to dodge lasers, electric fields and all the missiles that come your way. Get a boost along the way. Collect coins and buy new suits.

718 Played 0 Comments 11 Likes

Hanger is a ragdoll swinging game with awesome physics! Swing as far as you can but be careful not to lose to many body parts! Avoid the buzz saws and collect coins to unlock new characters!

508 Played 0 Comments 3 Likes

Snake Cool Addicting Math Games.Enjoy classical snake game in IO style, just click on play to start match with other players. Move your snake in 4 directions to either kill or get killed. Collect power ups to gain an .

Bob the Robber 5

505 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Bob The Robber 5 Cool Math Games. Steal the treasure from the temple without being caught. Knockout guards, take out mummies and don’t get caught by the eyes of the statues. Have fun playing Bob The Robber 5!

Hospital Admin

419 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Hospital Admin Cool Addicting Math Games.Patients need a quick, well-organized and a positive nurse, just like I am! During the night shift, I work alone here so I must take care of every patient very carefully and se.

473 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Line game Cool Addicting Math Games. Move your mouse through the tunnels without touching the sides. A polished game of an old classic.

397 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Neuron Cool Math Game. Use your logic and math skills to connect the paths and connect all neurons in the brain.

Hair beauty salon

396 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Hair beauty salon Cool Addicting Math Games. Run your own salon, manage your resources and make the clients happy.

457 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Climb Up Cool Addicting Math Games.Climb an endless building with the best climbing robot, avoid obstacles, lasers, mines and much more, use the robot arms as fast as you can and try to reach the highest point.

Heroic Dash

343 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Heroic Dash Cool Addicting Math Games.Start your hero’s journey, collect as many gems as possible, to buy some heroes.

Swing Triangle

381 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Swing Triangle Cool Addicting Math Games.Swing Triangle is an action/racing game. Avoid the obstacles while running to the goal.

Sl > 390 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Slidey Blocks Cool Math, A fun casual puzzle game where you try to get the blue block into the goal!

Tako Bubble Cool Math

407 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Tako Bubble Cool Addicting Math Game. A turn-based puzzle platformer that has you guiding an adorable octopus around numerous hazards and enemies in order to pop 3 special glittering bubbles and move on to the next le.

Uphill Rush 6

455 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Uphill Rush 6 Cool Addicting Math Games.Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!

Crazy Switch Colors

507 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Crazy Switch Colors Cool Math. Jump with the ball carefully through each obstacle when the colors match with the ball.Tap to keep the ball bouncing in the air and match its color to an obstacle in order to pass throug.

I Line One Stroke

483 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

I Line one stroke cool addicting math game. A brain-training puzzle in which you draw 1 line, that will sharpen your wits. Just try to connect all the dots without break the line. In this free play puzzle game, you ha.

Cyber Tank

539 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Cyber Tank Cool Addicting Math Games. A very challenging puzzle game that will test your thinking skills on solving a way to get your tank out to the exit. Before that you need to collect all the energy cubes that wer.

Gravistation 2

409 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Gravistation 2 Cool Addicting Math Games.Robot lost on gravity station. Rotate the station, he collects coins, keys, and looking for a way out.

Papa s scooperia cool math

757 Played 0 Comments 4 Likes

Papa’s Scooperia Cool Math. Papa’s new cool game. Serve your clients and learn the business. Prepare their orders to gain more satisfaction rate and also, for you to get higher tips from the customers. Serve delici.

Bob the Robber 4 Japan

650 Played 0 Comments 2 Likes

Bob the Robber 4 Japan Cool Maths Game. Bob The Robber is back, and this time to mysterious Japan. These are the toughest missions yet – good luck beating them all!

541 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Shoot Up Cool Addicting Maths Game. Slide the cannon, fire up a lotta balls and break as many blocks as you can in the ultraddictive Ballz-ish shooter game Shoot Up! Buy upgrades to increase power and shooting speed.

Cool Math Puzzles

415 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Cool Math Puzzles , a collection of arithmetic math puzzle games for increasing your logical thinking skills.

Sl > 412 Played 0 Comments 1 Likes

Sliding Escape Cool Maths Game. A action/puzzle game where you goal is reach the target without colliding with enemies.


415 Played 0 Comments 0 Likes

Puzle a Puzzle is a cool maths puzzle game.Your objective is to move the blue ball to eliminate the other balls.

Cool Addicting Math Games

In Cool Addicting Math Games we have, not only a great list of games for developing math skills, but resources to teach and learn math in a fun and engaging way.

That’s because the best way to understand and appreciate math is with problem solving, puzzles and challenging games.

Our goal is to involve people in mathematical reasoning, problem solving, communication and conections with his the everyday life and context.

This web site has hundred of math games for kids to practice the fundamentals of math, improving the creativity of solving problems in a variety of forms.

Unblocked Math Games

All math games are unblocked so they can play at home or school without restrictions

Cool Math Games

Like the basic components of nature, we stick to bring only the cool games that have 5 ingredients: they are cool, fun, addicting, teach math and can be viewed by kids. We are proud to bring the best curated list of games in the web that have that.

Teaching Tools

In this site you will find a set of useful tools for solving math problems, we also develop applications and games for custom learning, like photomath, Wolfram Alpha, Desmos.

So, learn, enjoy, and have fun in Cool Addicting Math Games!

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