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Cool car nicknames & Video

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Cool car nicknames


500+ Car Names – Cool and Awesome Car Nicknames to Call her

Own a car? Here is something for you, I call it as the “nick name” idea, or you can also refer them as unique car names. It is always fun to have a nickname for our cars, in this article, I will explain on to how you can come with new and exciting, cool, funny and adventurous nick names for you beloved cars, but we will use some of the below sub headings to explain the same.

How to come up with a really interesting and out of the box Car name or a nickname?

Cars are a luxury product and usually never one goes out to buy a car who ensures that they buy the most attractive and the best looking car they can buy the first car boat is always memorable and hence occupy a special position in one’s heart it is in this regard that everyone wants to always make sure that their first bye remains close to them for lifetime and hence start treating them like a member of their family with this special love comes a new feeling for the car and this new feeling is expressed by giving the car a nickname now when you give a nickname you always ensure that you treat that car as someone who is the most closer to you now a challenge comes how to give a nickname to a car that you can always remember and always feel the best about the car well here are some ways that I can suggest you by which you can create a nickname for your car which can last forever not only in your hurts but also in the minds of you and your family member so let’s start with the points mentioned below

Name the car a nicked based on its color or look its look:

Whenever you buy a car you always ensure that you buy it in a colour that is most attractive among all other cars that is present in the showroom with passage of time when you more fall in love with the car you tend to give it a nickname but since from the very beginning you were convinced with the colour hand look it is highly advised that you give a nickname that is based on its colour and look so as you can always admired whenever you call the car with the nickname that you have given.

Naming a car based on its model and make is ideal too:

Just like the way you can name or give a nickname to your car based on its colour. And look, it is quite a very good idea to give the name of your car based on its model. Since model of the car after the colour is the first thing that attract a customer it is always in customers mind till the time the customer purchases the car also it is the model of the car that keeps the value of the car in the minds of the customer for longer time and hence if the nickname is based on the model it could be insured that that the customer would always see the car as same as they have purchased it initially and will always fall in love with the nickname that they give based on its model

Give a nickname based on how attached you are to the car:

After a car is purchased and after that you have like the colour the model the looks everything and when you bring it to your home and start using it personally with passage of time you develop a liking with the car the liking could be anything from the way the car is working for you maybe it’s a speed maybe how friendly test to drive on how often it has been helpful in times of emergency so these are some of the factors which creates attachment to the user of the car and hence there are immense possibility that user can frame a nickname based on its attachment it may be a positive nickname or it may be a negative nickname it all depends upon how you have perceived the performance of your car with respect to you and hence you can also choose a nickname based on its attachment with you so far.

How to Actually give a funny or cool name to a car:

To actually give a very funny or a very cool name to your car you have to be very witty in thought you have to observe the very nature of the car with respect to your experience with the car for example let’s suppose if your car has been driving you are like a roller coaster ride while on the roads you can actually give you the name is a roller coaster similarly if the look and design of the car resonates to a living creature or a try let’s suppose characters in comics you can actually give it a name very similar to that. Hands there are endless ways by which you can give a funny or a cool name to your car it all depends upon how you have experienced driving the car in different situations.

Let’s now start naming the cars with respect to different perspectives:

Cool Car Names

Cool car names, are the coolest of the names among the cars nicknames that you would ever see, they are not only unique but also easy to remember in long term, choose one from the below suggested, and give your car a name today.

  1. Tank – For cars that are powerful on and off the road
  2. Silver edge – Cars with silver paint can afford such a name
  3. Calm Tram – People who go on easy r >Funny Car Names

The name itself says, you will laugh when you speak it. Go and choose a nick name that makes a smile on your face while naming or calling.

  1. – Comedy
  2. – Comic
  3. Little Piggy – For those ex-police vehicles driven around or those who get caught driving their ‘poor’ cars.
  4. Crasher – This car is amazing, but in some means it cannot stay out of the garage because of someone’s reckless driving.
  5. Humour mobile – Its humour is as dark as the exhaust fumes coming out of it.
  6. Clown wagon – It got a sunburn tan from long exposure a clown might think it’s his uber.
  7. Smelly Joe – Even now you still can’t get the smell out after a hundredth time.
  8. Flying Saucer – The Alfa Romeo 1900 Disco Volante received this nickname due to its… well shape
  9. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  10. Toddler – You should probably give Mr. Flintstone his car back.
  11. Buckaroo – It wiggles with every step it looks like you’re r >Good Car Names

Probably the most apt names that would be liked by all are these good car names, choose one that makes you feel good.

  1. The Silver Hornet
  2. – Stripes – A good name if you’re thinking of putting stripes on your car.
  3. Bullitt – Steve McQueen fans will remember the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback in the movie with the same name.
  4. Ship Mast – Sounds very reliable.
  5. Max Overdrive – A Golf GTi is a good example for this.
  6. Joe Dirt – It’s been with you from your college days till your son’s graduation.
  7. Troublemaker – The cops can’t seem to let it go so easily.
  8. Vantage
  9. Horse Power
  10. Muscle Car
  11. Flying Saucer
  12. Warship
  13. Eclipse
  14. Read head
  15. Bombers
  16. The defender
  17. >Names for Girl Cars

If you are a girl in your teenager, here are few cools names for your cars that you can call them by:

  1. Monroe –After the iconic actress, Marilyn Monroe,
  2. lassie
  3. Ma >Car Names based on other characteristics

Names for Black Cars

Black is no doubt a hit among along classes of society. Young and old both prefers black. Black colour reflects the colour of luxury and sophistication. If you drive a black car, you are dignified and striking without being showy. You are a person who possess deep thoughts and want to know the mystery of life. Yet, you are still timeless, important, and always in control.

  1. Dark knight – I am the bat of Gotham
  2. Knight r >Names for Red Cars

Rock with your red cars, here are few nick names suggested for you, just check them out.

  1. Maroon mobile
  2. Bloodshot
  3. Drag-U-La – R >Names for White Cars

White is a symbol of honesty and purity. A person with a taste and elegance go for a white car. The white colour reflects them strive for perfection. They believe in simplicity and no-show offs.

Freshness and modernity is what reflects white.

  1. Snow White
  2. Snowfall
  3. Elsa – Let it go, let it go…
  4. White whisper
  5. White Phantom
  6. Deville – White doesn’t always have to be pure?
  7. White Fountain
  8. Silver Sheen
  9. Milky White
  10. Chalky
  11. Caucasian
  12. Waxen
  13. Bleached
  14. Ivory
  15. Achromatic
  16. Ashen

Names for Yellow Cars

Yellow and gold are the colors of joy and happiness. And yellow has its hidden meaning of joy and chastity. Yellow color reflects the mentality of being happy no matter whatever obstacles comes. Yellow is the color of creativity. A person who causes yellow colored ka reflects the mindset of being wise, imaginative, with a good sense of humor with a business oriented mind. Yellow color might not attract all, but people who are have a feeling of feeling young always do like them because bright colours have always attracted kids and young mentality. You may also be young — or young at heart.

  1. Creampuff – Sweet on the eye
  2. Blond – The car probably won’t even start.
  3. Gold train – You’ve spent so much on this car you might as well slap yellow paint and cruise like a king.
  4. Beige machine
  5. Amber gold
  6. Yellowness
  7. Chicks
  8. Canary
  9. Mustered
  10. Citrinin
  11. Marigold
  12. Big Bird
  13. Simpson
  14. 10 Minions
  15. Sponge Bob Square Pants
  16. Tweety Bird
  17. Winnie The Pooh
  18. Mr Peanut butter
  19. Jake The Dog
  20. Woodstock
  21. Charlie Brown
  22. Donald Duck

Names for Silver Car

Silver car reflects the royal and good taste of a person. you are innovative, business-savvy, and have good taste. The neutral color camouflages dirt on the car, which is great for your busy lifestyle. The gleaming color of silver resembles classic nature. It appears like stainless steel appliances and modern technology, which is an indicator of someone who is sophisticated. Silver color generally refers to those people who show off their high status to the world and is not afraid in doing so.

  1. Silver arrow – Formula 1 fans will get it.
  2. Silver edge
  3. Grey speedster
  4. Gray Ghost
  5. The Silver Hornet
  6. Silver Mercury
  7. Silver fox
  8. Silver dagger
  9. Silver sorceress
  10. Silver samurai
  11. Quicksilver
  12. Silver Sable
  13. Silver surfer
  14. Silver Pendent
  15. Flintstones
  16. Silverware
  17. Shiny Gaze

Names for Blue Cars

An owner of a blue car reflects the quality of being compassionate, optimistic, stable, honest, and serene. You are admired by one and all for strong sense of self and wisdom. If you have a blue car it doesn’t necessarily mean doesn’t mean you have a poor taste but it reflects your mentality of maintaining a nice, stable family appearance.

  1. Azure allure
  2. Navy – Don’t forget the troops
  3. Blue sapphire
  4. Indigo
  5. Blue lagoon
  6. Avatar
  7. Dory
  8. The Muppet
  9. Aladdin
  10. Smurf
  11. Blue Ranger
  12. Falcon Punch
  13. Blue Meanies
  14. Blue Moon
  15. Blue Star
  16. Sapphire
  17. Peacock
  18. Cyan
  19. Berlin Blue

Names for Green Cars

Green color where a craze earlier but now people avoid buying green color cars. You would hardly see any green colored cars in a showroom. If you possess a car of this color, you have a very strong sense of self and don’t care what others think of you. Green color reflect that you are least bothered to follow the trend in the society and carry your own personality very well. You don’t care a bit of what other says and comments on your choice. Green is also related with nature, and breath-taking, beautiful landscape and you might go for environmental friendly fuel for your car.

  1. Kermit
  2. Sprite – That green maybe isn’t the one you should have picked.
  3. Jade Dragon – A rare name for a rare green Toyota
  4. Olive garden
  5. Green emerald
  6. Mikewazowskyiii
  7. The Incredible Hulk
  8. Shrek
  9. The Grinch
  10. TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  11. The Mask
  12. JoJo Mojo
  13. Green Goblin
  14. Shrek
  15. Maleficent
  16. The Chameleon
  17. Green Lantern
  18. Gamora
  19. She Hulk
  20. Bentenstinkfly

Names for Sports Cars

If you are sporty from inside and just love watching and feeling a sport events, you just can not miss to have these nick names named for your cars. Buying a sport car is only for those choosy people who just fall in love when they see a sporty car, if you too are in love, choose one from below for your car.

  1. Dash
  2. quicksilver
  3. flash
  4. roadrunner
  5. wild stallion
  6. Sweet Turbo
  7. Flying Dutchman
  8. Hermes
  9. Winged Machine
  10. Aerocar
  11. Cheetah – Bonus if your car is yellow
  12. Bolt – It never fails you on speed on matter what, unless you make a false start.
  13. Lightning McQueen – I am SPEED.
  14. Mach 5 – Challenge some fighter jets while you’re at it.
  15. Toretto – This would be a cool name for a muscle car.
  16. Torpedo
  17. Hannibal Pacer – Ever seen the world’s fastest meat truck.
  18. Thunder Bird
  19. Viper
  20. Fury
  21. Bullet Phantom
  22. Fugitive
  23. Shark
  24. Cranky Comet
  25. Warrior Prince
  26. Ice berg
  27. Prince Pajero
  28. Fast Track
  29. Furious Fire
  30. Roaring 100
  31. Rowdy
  32. Blaze

Names for Cool Trucks

Trucks are not just a carrier, but your long drive friend, choose a nickname that defines this friend the best.

  1. Stage wagon – It’s so old and rickety but Dangit! That old iron belly is still ticking in that right their vehicle.
  2. Jolly lorry – Slap some hello kitty stickers on those dents and r >Names for Old Cars

Few cars may seem whacky but you have often seen people not giving on those cars because they are comfortable with value and saving money. Riding an old car does not mean that you can’t go get a new one, it’s rather you’re saying to the world, I do a good job of minding my money. You’d rather invest your money in other things worth the value.

  1. Old Betsy – Only your grandpa or grandma use this name now.
  2. Grandma – Just your grandpa uses this name.
  3. Ancient Alien – You don’t even remember how you got it but it been through stuff you can’t even say.
  4. T-Rex – Just save this for that vintage car your rich friend shows off on Instagram.
  5. Last Legs – Sooner or later it will give, it’s only a matter of when.
  6. Undertaker – You thought this car was dead but somehow it came back to life… and it doesn’t seem to slow down.
  7. Dead man walking – You know at some point it’s going to die on you; you just hope it’s not in the m >Names for Sexy Cars

Sexy cars are like, you just get away with it, and always like to drive it whenever you are closer to it. You will always wish to give it a name that you just feel like calling up every time. You will usually have a deep relationship with this car, so deep and immense that you will always sty in love with it wherever you go.

  1. Marilyn Monroe – People are just swoon when you pass the streets
  2. Sensual Sedan – You can’t remember how you ended up buying it but one look at it and you’re satisfied by it.
  3. Racy Racer – It’s sweet and fast and gets the ladies flying.
  4. Spice Girl – Even your friends are jealous that you have her.
  5. Boy toy – Your lady and her friends can’t just stop raving about how amazing it is.
  6. Betty Bop – Just as lovable as Betty herself.
  7. Beautiful Betty – Your grandpa will never let this one go.
  8. Lovely Lucy – Your grandpa’s friend will never let this one go.
  9. Shiner – One wash and it shines like the morning star
  10. Magnifique – Add some little French in to the mix.
  11. Charmer – Your parents are amazed by it, your friends are drawn by it, and everyone seems to be stunned at your car.
  12. Chick Magnet – Your car gets the ladies, not you!
  13. Erin Esurance
  14. Janine Melnitz
  15. Carmen Sandie go
  16. Beauty Sick
  17. Lusty
  18. Hoity
  19. Enticer
  20. Foxy
  21. Statuesque
  22. Love Pranky
  23. X Rated
  24. Hedonic Hot
  25. Jazzy Snazzy
  26. Sexy Salacious
  27. Smutty Steamy
  28. Hot Snazzy
  29. Sexy Suave
  30. Porno Purple
  31. Super Sexy
  32. Sexy-sonic

Names for Brand New Cars

Brand New cars are always the first to be displayed in the showroom, and will also probably be the first that will attract you, so considering it to be your first love, just choose any one nick name from below and give it to it.

  1. Young blood – Get ready because this motor head will brutalize you.
  2. Fresh Prince – new car on the block, time to get to know the streets
  3. Swanking – Somehow your uncle thought this might be a cool name for his new roadster
  4. Pristine Machine – It hasn’t even clocked 2000 kilometers on the gauge and it still has that new car smell
  5. Trail Blazer
  6. Super Sonic
  7. Modernist
  8. Cutting Edge
  9. Trend Setter
  10. Pioneer
  11. Spear header
  12. Neoteric
  13. New-fangled
  14. Expedient
  15. Crisp comer
  16. Resurgence
  17. Renaissance
  18. Clean sweep
  19. Leading Edge
  20. Kick off
  21. Spring Start
  22. Tabula Rasa
  23. Square One
  24. Overture

Names for Slow Cars

Slow and steady always wins the race, if you feel this justified, just go for a nick name from below.

  1. Slowpoke – Even the cars behind you are pissed off by your speed.
  2. Slugger – You take it nice and easy just so you can reach to the supermarket and back.
  3. Slack – The odometer says 90, but the car is going at 50
  4. Tortoise – This car simply cannot move any faster than it is but it won’t die off.
  5. Unhurried
  6. Monotonous
  7. Lack lustre
  8. Blockish
  9. Leggy
  10. Dumbo
  11. Lame Brained
  12. Mutton Headed
  13. Dullsville
  14. Dead Horse
  15. Snail
  16. Phlegmatic Toy
  17. Late Langu >Unique Names for Cars

The name that you only want your car to have, check out below to find one.

  1. Popeye – A little of pop of fuel and this car is cruising at 100
  2. Beatle – Any Beetle owner cannot let up this opportunity.
  3. Panda bear – It’s white and so cute to look at you don’t even want to get out of (Alfa Romeo drivers?)
  4. W >Female Car Names or Women Car Names

Females are less whacky about the make, built, model of a care they want a car which is more down-to-earth, thrifty, and honest. Female prefer a car that will run well, do not breakdown more often and last a long time. A flashy number adorned with a leather interior and flashy gadgets does not attracts them much and the serenity of the car lures them much. The attachment with the car and care can be well seen. She doesn’t care about style and might keep a car until it drops.

  1. Compact Pussycat – As cute as Penelope Pit stop.
  2. Christine – Though you shouldn’t abuse it, lest it comes for you.
  3. Herbie
  4. Little Miss Sunshine – Everywhere you go you light up the place with your small car.
  5. Rough Girl – This would be great for those female motor heads out there.
  6. Tinker bell – This car has gone under a few modifications to make it look better.
  7. W >Awesome and Best Car Names

Not every car is defined by the color, few cars are simply unique and they are somewhat close to your heart. Just like you they are one-of-a-kind. Such cars are preferred not because they are trendy or reflects the recent make, model but because you believe in quality. Whatever the reason, there is one thing that is abundantly clear — you are damn in love with your car as much as you like making something completely your own.

  1. The Beast – After the President of the United States’ Cadillac, which might as well as BE a beast.
  2. Terminator
  3. Widow maker – after the 1975 Porsche 911 Turbo (930)
  4. Godzilla – The Nissan GTR should really come back to this name.
  5. Shaggin Wagon – who could forget Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dune (Dumb and Dumber)?
  6. Ecto-1 – When there ghosts, who do you call?
  7. Eleanor the Mustang – Nick Cage’s favourite car in Gone in 60 seconds
  8. KITT – The Hoff would be proud of such a name.
  9. Pursuit Special – Any Mad Max fans around?
  10. Mystery Machine – Now to go solve crimes with my dog.
  11. Blues mobile
  12. General Lee
  13. Monk eMobile
  14. FAB 1 – Time for the Thunderbirds!
  15. Silver Arrow – Drive like British racing driver and four-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.
  16. Bumblebee – From the Transformers movie.
  17. Mean Machine – Oh, Dick Dastardly. What schemes are you up to now?
  18. Mirth Mobile
  19. Family Truckster – A typical 80s American car.
  20. The Striped Tomato – Join Starsky and Hutch in their adventures.
  21. Bessie – Or would you rather be with the Great Doctor?
  22. Pussy Wagon – A car as sleazy as the man Beatrix killed (Go watch the movie!)
  23. Gina – That’s the name German racing driver and four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel chose for his 2017 Ferrari car.
  24. Vanquish
  25. Boomer Siren
  26. Thunderbird
  27. Smoky knight
  28. Dodge
  29. Swinger
  30. Havoc Racer
  31. Carrera
  32. Bull fighter
  33. Night Venom
  34. Road Bravo
  35. Fiery wheels
  36. Muscle Hunk
  37. Laser Sword
  38. Sky Diver
  39. Dare Devil
  40. Spit Fires
  41. Power hawk
  42. Blackley
  43. White Rabbit
  44. Rock and Roll
  45. Road Slipper
  46. Silent killer
  47. Road Sniper
  48. Robocop

Here we end the most of the popular nicknames in almost all the popular categories, I am sure you must have liked the names and have chosen one that suits your style.

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