Jan 14 2020

Collectable diecast & Video

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Collectable diecast


1:43 Scale Diecast Model Cars

Items 1 – 32 of 264

Items 1 – 32 of 264

What makes us unique?

Model Car World offers the UK’s best choice of diecast model cars, viewed in our unique model car garage setting. We stock a wide variety of popular and classic model cars including 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, 1:43, 1:64 and 1:76 scale models.

We offer a free personalised number plate with all 1:18 and 1:12 scale model cars.

Rely on us for the perfect gift!

A model car is a perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything.

Give them the car they always wanted, dreamed of, desired, used to have, or thought they would never see again. Imagine the look on their faces when they open the box to see a superbly detailed model of the love of their life. So now you can promise your husband, wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, grandson, auntie, uncle, niece, nephew, etc. A Lamborghini – if that’s what they really want. It’s just a little smaller!!

We also have a wide experience in contract work for corporate gifts and incentives. Please contact us with your model car requirements.

We specialise in model cars for cake decorations, centrepieces and presentations, and to be used as table names for large receptions and parties. Motoring enthusiasts reallly love being seated at the Ferrari or Lamborghini table!

Amazing detailed photos

View your favourite model cars in our unique garage settings and see every angle. Our photos give the feel of actually being in front of the real thing, showing in depth details that are often missed. Some model cars actually have carpeted interiors, leather seats, or superbly detailed dashboards.

The images on each page, can be enlarged, to give you the best possible view before you buy. So please enjoy your trip around our online showroom, and be prepared to view some amazing classic cars.

Quick Delivery

98% of all model car orders ship within 3 business days.

100% Safe & Secure

You can be assured your details are safe with SagePay. Model Car World is also an ISIS Accredited retailer.

Follow your order

We keep you informed by email when your order is dispatched.

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