Jan 14 2020

Classic car models – Video

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Classic car models


Classic car models

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The Classic, Veteran and Vintage Cars Directory is updated regularly. We cover shows and events around the country as part of our committed, ongoing promotion. Every day we are working towards our continued success and your reward! WE ARE Classic, Veteran and Vintage Directory .

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The UK website is updated regularly. We cover shows and events around the country as part of our committed, ongoing promotion. Every day we are working towards our continued success and your reward! WE ARE Classic, Veteran and Vintage cars..

Buying a classic car as a restoration project; or perhaps one which has already been restored but needs further work and upkeep can be an exciting but daunting process. It will likely be very costly, as parts are by their nature more difficult to find for a classic or vintage car than for a younger used car. Some marques and models are much more prolific than others or tend to have aged better, which means they will likely be worth less and easier to afford and restore. Some elements may need to be specially re-manufactured or sourced from abroad, and some are harder to find than others. If you are a professional or even amateur mechanic, you may be able to save a substantial amount by doing the actual work, or much of it yourself in a workshop or garage at home, but a ground up restoration by a qualified mechanic will set you back a significant amount, so make sure you do your research when choosing a restoration workshop.

Not only will the process be costly, but of course the task is also probably going to time consuming for similar reasons.

Obviously classic cars have different engine types and manufacturing materials, and so a step by step guide is hard to offer, but owners clubs are a good place to start to dig for information by fellow restorers, and there are books on the market to cover a variety of aspects, from books about how to restore body work to its former glory, or more advanced mechanics. A quick internet trawl throws up lots of different sources of information from enthusiast web sites to amazon with tips, articles and books. This advice will be invaluable, as a badly restored classic will likely be worth less than an unrestored one, and with these beautiful old cars, it is a crying shame to see a half finished job rotting away in someone’s garage due to a lack of knowledge or funds.

If you are a complete amateur and preparing a first time restoration project, there are some starting steps to be taken whatever model or marque that you will be working on. If you are an enthusiastic beginner, it is worth getting advice on the car to choose, to ensure you pick something it is both possible to fully restore, and of course worth doing. Meticulous planning is crucial, and the key part of this is to work out a step by step guide to exactly the work which needs to be done, from body work to engine care and part replacement. Even if you do plan to carry out the majority of work at home, it is well worth having the car examined by a professional who will be able to tell you exactly what is necessary work and what is less crucial, purely cosmetic and possible to finish later if funds are an issue, as well as giving you an idea of the priority of the work. They will also likely advise on the jobs which really need tending to by a professional, and be able to give you some quotes to start with.

You will need to prepare your work space properly. Believe it or not, you will need a goodly sized working area as well as sensible storage. Firstly, you will need ample room to spread out all of the separate car parts and store any new or reconditioned parts properly. You also need room for the tools you require, and plenty of space to work, as restoration can be a surprisingly physical job.

The space itself should be appropriate to the work you will be carrying out – damp is the absolute worst enemy of the classic motor, especially when parts are dismantled and therefore more vulnerable, so make sure the atmosphere is dry and suitable. Research the possibility of getting suitable covers for the work in progress, any parts which may face exposure, and even the finished motor, which will keep much more happily under an appropriate covert when not in use.

A proper restoration project will obviously rely on a variety of sources to ensure you are doing things correctly, but also bear in mind that a good vintage car will likely have greater value according to the integrity of its restoration, so use original parts where possible, and get hints from the manufacturers, owners clubs or magazines on paintwork colouring, upholstery, interior kit and so on to keep the project authentic. This another example of when owners clubs come into their own, as you will be able to discuss the restoration with those who have already been there, and get more detailed info, as well as being a great source for original manuals.

From here, you then have your starting point. The next step would be to strip the car down and begin the process. You will probably start with the engine, and ensuring this is in tip top running condition before moving onto the more cosmetic jobs of bodywork and upholstery. For all but an experienced mechanic this is a job probably best left to the experts, so look through our pages of classic car restoration specialists for the right firm for the job.

The next step is the body. You will need to fill, respray or replace any dented or rusted panels depending on the extent of the damage. Source parts from a reputable supplier, trawl the internet and even keep an eye on auction sites. Consult all the information you have prepared as to exact colour matches, the best filling materials and the manufacturer’s advice on repainting, and again, where you feel you will not be able to produce the perfect finish, consult a bodywork specialist to make sure you are getting the best from your restoration. Finally, upholstery and trim are equally important to the final outcome of your project, and this is a job which once again is best repaired or replaced by a professional as this is very much a fine art requiring finesse.

For a complete list of our classic car restoration and repair companies please Click Here

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