Jan 14 2020

Cheap cool cars for sale ^ Video

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Cheap cool cars for sale


15 Classic Cars That Are Criminally Overlooked

They’re not mainstream, and that makes them affordable and unique.

These days, it seems as though all the great classic cars have been discovered and in turn, skyrocketed in value. There are still some hidden gems living in the shadows of more popular cars that are great to drive—and often, they’re a bargain. Here are some of the best, according to you.

While the third-generation RX-7 seems to get a lot of praise, people tend to overlook the earlier versions of Mazda’s rotary sports car. Despite their timeless looks and unique drivetrain, first-gen FBs can still be had in good condition for under $5000.

The SVX is a weird, futuristic grand touring car built by Subaru in the mid-1990s. It has a cult following, but has yet to be fully appreciated by the enthusiast community as a whole.

People often hate on the Porsche 924, 944, and 968 line because of its Volkswagen roots, but there’s really no need. The 944 handles wonderfully, and looks great doing it. Just because the engine’s in the front doesn’t mean it’s automatically a bad car.

Everyone fawns over the classic VW Beetle and the Bus, but the Karmann Ghia is somewhat left in the shadows. Strange, considering it’s easily the prettiest of the air-cooled VWs. Get one while prices are still low and you’ll have something that lacks speed, but makes it up in style.

With the arrival of the excellent new Alfa Romeo Giulia, now is a good time to take a second look at the classic model. Arguably one of the first sports sedans ever made, this Giulia combined Alfa’s genius twin-cam four-cylinder with the same chassis as the popular GT coupes. A Giulia 1600 TI Super like the one shown here won’t be cheap, but the more common, lower-displacement versions represent a great value.

The Ford Mustang is easily one of the most iconic cars ever made, but its Mercury brother, the Cougar, tends to be forgotten. The first-gen Cougar has more or less the same bones as the Mustang in a package that has grown-up executive styling.

BMW’s shark-nosed E9-chassis coupes (3.0CS) are some of the brand’s most beloved cars, but their sedan counterparts are excellent as well. Similarly great looks, with top-notch straight-six power. The U.S.-only Bavaria with its 2.8- or 3.0-liter straight-six is an excellent classic car find.

The Chevrolet El Camino is the definitive American ute, but the Ford Ranchero was there first. While we could wonder why the Ranchero never got the love of its Chevy rival, we’d rather spend that time building a hot-rodded Ranchero with a nice burbly V8.

You always see a little Datsun Roadster at classic car shows, but for whatever reason, it’s not as beloved as its British contemporaries or Datsun’s later masterpiece, the 240Z. Its styling definitely borrows from the European roadsters of its day, but we think that adds to the charm.

The Fiat 500’s slightly bigger brother, the 600, might not be quite as cute as the tiny city car icon, but it’s still a design triumph. While the regular 600 (shown here) is great, the variants it birthed, like the innovative 600 Multipla, the lovely 600 Jolly, and the Abarth 750, are even cooler.

Volkswagen in the mid-1970s was very interesting. It finally had a replacement for the iconic Beetle in the Golf hatchback, and it replaced the stylish Karmann Ghia coupe with this, the Scirocco. Its Giugiaro-penned lines still look fresh today.

Never having achieved the success of the American “Big Three” Studebaker was always doomed to obscurity. The Lark was one of the more interesting compact cars available in the early-1960s, and it’s somewhat of a bargain now. You could even buy a Super Lark with a supercharged V8–the prototype for the muscle cars that dominated the 1960s.

The AC Cobra wasn’t the only British roadster Carroll Shelby enhanced with a Ford V8. The other was this, the Sunbeam Tiger, which previously existed as the four-cylinder Sunbeam Alpine. Prices on these are rising, but they’re still a bargain compared with the Cobra.

AMC made some of the coolest muscle cars of the 1960s and early 1970s, but they never get the same love as those from Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The two-seat AMX, a quasi-Corvette competitor, was easily the coolest.

It’s hard to say any Ferrari is overlooked, but the Bertone-designed 308 GT4 has always lived in the shadow of its two-seat brother, the 308 GTB. The GT4 is still an excellent handling car with a lovely 3.0-liter V8, and hey, we kinda dig the looks.

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