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Cars movie characters \ Video

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Cars movie characters


Cars 2 Characters

Who will be racing off the screen in the Disney Pixar movie?

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What’s your preschooler’s favorite movie? If he likes things fast and furious, Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 may just be what he’s looking for. In case you aren’t familiar with the premise, here’s a quick summary:

Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson)

Star racecar Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) and tow truck Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy), who struck up an unlikely friendship in the first movie, Cars, go to the World Grand Prix — a race to figure out which car is the world’s fastest. While there, Mater gets himself tangled in a bit of international espionage when he meets British super spy Finn McMissile (voice of Michael Caine) and rookie field spy Holley Shiftwell (voice of Emily Mortimer).

Cars 2 is directed by John Lasseter and co-directed by Brad Lewis.

Number 95 Lightning McQueen is still a hotshot racecar, but his rookie days are past him. Now a permanent resident of Radiator Springs, Lightning has become a bona fide worldwide celebrity as winner of four Piston Cups.

After his latest win, Lightning returns home to enjoy life in the slow lane for a while with sweetheart Sally , best friend Mater and the rest of his Radiator Springs family. His off-season is unexpectedly cut short when Mater inadvertently prompts Lightning to enter the World Grand Prix, a high profile, three-part exhibition race that will take him around the globe.

With a fresh custom paint job and real, working headlights, Lightning sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. But competing against the fastest cars in the world tests more than his racing skills when Lightning realizes his wide-eyed best friend may not be the pit chief nor ambassador he needs to navigate the unfamiliar international terrain.

Character description courtesy Disney Pixar

Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy)

In the now popular tourist destination of Radiator Springs, the rusty old tow truck Mater has a number of roles, including proprietor of Tow Mater Towing and Salvage, grand storyteller and the heart and soul of the town. But Mater’s favorite title is best friend to Lightning McQueen. Mater values each and every dent he’s earned on his escapades with Lightning over the years, and anxiously awaits further fun with his friend when Lightning returns with his latest Piston Cup.

Cheerful, honest and loyal to a fault, Mater rushes to his best friend’s defense, which ultimately lands the off-duty Lightning in an international racing exhibition: the World Grand Prix. When Lightning invites Mater to come along as a member of his pit crew, Mater leaves Carburetor County for the first time ever.

Not long after their arrival in Tokyo, Mater learns that the world outside of Radiator Springs is decidedly different and its newfangled ways may take some getting used to. But when he’s mistaken for an American secret agent, he falls into an intriguing adventure of his own. Caught between supporting his best friend on a globe-trotting racing competition and his new role in international espionage, Mater ends up in an explosive chase through the streets of Tokyo and Europe alongside a team of British spies and international bad guys.

Character description courtesy Disney Pixar

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