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Compare car types


Car insurance

Drivers – compare cheap car insurance quotes and you could save up to £247 [1]

4.6 out of 5

Customer satisfaction rating on [†]

[1] 51% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £247.29

[1] 51% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £247.29

Why compare car insurance?

Don’t pay more than you should for car insurance. Find the right insurance, at the right price, with us.

You could save up to £247 [1]

Get competitive cover and save cash at the same time

Done in a few ticks

Get loads of quotes with one simple search

Free pizza!

Enjoy 2for1 on delicious main meals (not just pizza!) with a FREE annual Dine membership [2]

[2] Dine membership, please read our terms and conditions and FAQs page

What cover do I need?

Car insurance can cover you for things like your car being broken into or stolen, or if you’re involved in a collision.

As a minimum, it’ll cover other people and their vehicles (third parties) if you’re responsible for an accident. For example, if you damage their vehicle or they’re injured.

Exactly what you’re covered for depends on the type of policy you choose. Don’t just pick the cheapest – compare policies to find the right one for you.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most extensive cover you can get.

If your car is damaged or written off, it’ll be covered for repair or replacement costs. It’ll also be covered if it’s stolen or catches fire.

As with other types of car insurance you’ll have third party cover for claims made against you for people, passengers and their property.

Policies vary, so check you’ve got the cover you need before committing to buy.

Key points

  • The most extensive cover
  • They aren’t all the same – check policy details for cover levels
  • Sometimes comprehensive cover is cheaper than a third-party policy

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) covers you if you are responsible for damage to other people, passengers or their property as a result of your driving.

Your vehicle is also covered if it gets stolen or damaged by fire.

If you’re responsible for an accident you won’t be covered for repairs to your vehicle or any medical – you’ll have to cover those yourself.

Key points

  • You’ll be covered for injury to others, including passengers, plus their property
  • If your car is stolen or involved in a fire, you’ll be covered
  • You won’t be covered for any damage to your car, or yourself, if you are found to be at fault

Third party only (TPO) is the most basic level of cover you can get – and you’ll need it to legally drive your car in the UK.

It’ll cover you for damage to other people, passengers, or their property if you’re found responsible.

Be warned – with this cover, if your car’s stolen, damaged or catches fire you won’t be able to claim for any costs.

If you’re caught driving without third party car insurance you could be fined, have points added to your license, or be taken to court. You’ll also find it very difficult to get car insurance in the future.

Key points

  • The most basic level of insurance, and a legal requirement
  • Covers third parties, and their property. But not you, your property or your vehicle
  • Despite being the lowest level of cover, it’s not always the cheapest

How to get a car insurance quote

We only need a few details. Here’s what we’ll ask you for:

Your usage

Whether it’s social, commuting or business

Your reg plate

And some details about your vehicle

Your annual mileage

The distance you drive in a year

Modifications and changes to your car

Declare them now

Your car’s value

How much your car is currently worth

How could I get cheaper car insurance?

We’ve got 10 tips to get those premiums down

Pay annually

Paying a lump sum almost always works out cheaper than paying monthly

Tighten your security

Alarms and immobilisers might help

Avo >Try not to make too many changes to your car

Increase voluntary excess

But make sure you have enough money to pay up, if you need to

Driving courses

Get some more qualifications like Pass Plus under your belt

Less miles

The lower your mileage, the less you could be paying but be accurate with your estimation

Park securely

In a garage or on a driveway overnight

Beware of add-ons

Any hidden extras lurking in your policy?

Don’t ignore admin charges

You might have to pay just to change your address

Compare car insurance

The simplest way to save is to shop around

For more tips to cut the costs of your premiums check out our guide

Letting insurance renew without checking prices costs drivers a collective £592m a year [3]

Upgrades and additional cover

Breakdown cover

This gets you and your car home or to the nearest garage if you break down.

Courtesy car

If you’re ever stuck without your motor, your insurer would provide a courtesy car to get you from A to B.

No claims discount protection

You can protect your no claims discount (NCD) so you won’t lose it after a claim.

Other add-ons

You can also get personal injury, windscreen and key cover as policy add-ons.

Looking for something else?

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right car insurance policy. We’ve gathered some of the car insurance policies you can get, if you want to find out more.

Telematics insurance

Telematics insurance policies use a black box or app that tracks your driving.

Insurance for new drivers

What do new drivers need to know when it comes to car insurance?

Car insurance for over 50s

More experience means car insurance for over 50s may be cheaper.

Multi-car insurance

Insure two or more motors under one policy – is multi-car right for you?

>Why should you get classic car insurance to protect your vintage vehicle?

Top tip from the expert

If you tell your insurer you only drive socially, you could invalidate your cover if you use your car to commute to work.
To avoid invalidating your car insurance, honesty is the best policy.

Lee Griffin
Motoring expert and founder of GoCompare

Shop around for car insurance Save precious time and money when you compare quotes with us

Our trusted prov >We have 120 insurers on our panel [4]

Over 10,000 customers rated us on average 4.6/5

10,194 car insurance reviews on as of February 2019 [†]

Frequently asked questions

How can your job affect your car insurance?

It might not seem very fair, but your job title could have an impact on your premiums as well as what you’re using the car for. Always be honest and choose the job title that most accurately describes what you do.

How do I work out my car’s value?

Always estimate your car’s value honestly, but an approximate estimation is usually fine as an insurer will typically base a pay-out on market value. When you get a quote, we’ll help you by estimating your car’s value for you based on its age and mileage, but you can change it if it doesn’t seem right.

How do I estimate mileage?

If you’ve had your car for over a year and your usage remains similar, check previous MOT certificates and/or service records.

Alternatively, calculate the number of miles you drive in a typical week and multiply this by 52, factoring in regular journeys and extras such as long annual trips abroad.

Will I be charged if I cancel my policy?

If you cancel your policy within the cooling-off period you’ll get your premiums refunded, but some insurance providers may charge a fee to cover their admin costs in addition to a charge for the cover provided.

Where a fee is charged for the cover provided, this is typically worked out pro-rata, which means the charge is calculated based on the number of days your insurance has been in force.

Cancellation fees after the cooling-off period are handled in a similar manner. Some insurers charge a cancellation fee, others don’t, while any refund entitlement will be worked out pro-rata.

What’s an adjustment fee?

If you make a change to your policy – for example changing your address, your car or adding a driver – then, typically, the insurance provider will charge an administration fee.

Compare car insurance now

Car insurance guides and tools

Classic car

Young drivers

[1] Based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 December to 31 December 2018: 51% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £247.29 with car insurance based on a comparison of 28 companies

[2] Dine membership, please read our terms and conditions and FAQs page

[3] Based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 December to 31 December 2018: 51% of consumers could achieve a saving of up to £247.29 with Gocompare car insurance.

Department for Transport’s ‘Vehicle Licensing Statistics: (April 2018)’ by the end of 2017 there were 37.7m vehicles licenced for use on the roads in Great Britain, 83% of which were cars = 31,291,000. 15% of motorists auto-renewed their car insurance policy at the last renewal without checking prices. 15% of 31,291,000 = 4,693,650.

51% of 4,693,650 =2,393,761

2,393,761 x 247.29 = £591,953,157 rounded to £592m

[4] Correct as of 13 March 2019

[†] Please note, we cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites and by using the links stated to access these separate websites you will be subject to the terms of use applying to those sites

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