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Compare 2016 vehicles ^ Video

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Compare 2016 vehicles


10 Best All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles for the Money

By David Muhlbaum, Senior Online Editor | February 7, 2016


When you have to drive on the white stuff—or, worse, a wintry mix—you want to feel confident that you can get where you’re going. All-wheel drive can help give you that assurance. With the ability to direct power to all four wheels, vehicles with these systems provide better traction when things get slippery.

What’s more, the all-wheel drive on all of these cars will work without your having to do so much as push a button. They can all detect slippage and take action, though in many cases you can help out by choosing a setting for the conditions you’re experiencing. And they all do it on the fly; the days of having to slow down or stop to move a lever are long gone.


We’re recommending ten 2016 vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive that offer a shovelful of value. Many have placed well in our previous car rankings, which reward resale value, fuel economy, safety and more.

A quick caveat about all-wheel drive: Its magic is that it can improve your traction when accelerating, but it does nothing to help you stop. The overconfidence the former can breed has put many an all-wheel-drive vehicle in the ditch. The solution (besides prudence) is winter tires.

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Best Values in All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles, 2016 | Slide 2 of 11


Sticker price: $24,090 (Touring)

Invoice price: $23,435

KBB Fair Purchase Price: $22,955

MPG (city/hwy): 27/32

Heated front seats: depends on trim level

The diminutive CX-3 is the latest and smallest iteration of Mazda’s CX line of crossovers (it joins the CX-5 and CX-9), and it shares the styling and layout of its larger siblings. The sporty edge that Mazda bakes into its cars (remember “Zoom-Zoom”?) helps the CX-3 stand out from the crop of tiny sport utes that have recently hit the market, including the Honda HR-V, Fiat 500X and Chevrolet Trax.

You can buy a CX-3 with front-wheel drive only for $1,250 less, but putting more capability behind those cute-ute looks will serve you well. Mazda touts the ability of its i-ACTIV all-wheel-drive system to predict where drive power needs to be routed, rather than waiting for slip to occur. Among the parameters the system monitors is air temperature—looking for the possibility of freezing.


All-wheel drive is available on all trim levels, but to get heated seats you’ll need to step up to the Touring or Grand Touring level; they’re not even an option on the entry-level Sport. One little gripe: The audio volume knob is down low on the console. It will take a long time before you stop groping the dash when you want to turn the decibels up or down.

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