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Cast iron truck models – Video

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Cast iron truck models


Hubley toys

Hubley toys were made by Hubley Mfg. Co., also known as Lancaster Brand Iron Toys. John E. Hubley originally manufactured electric toy train equipment and parts since ca. 1894. See also Gabriel Industries. Slogan: “They’re Different”

Purchased Safety Buggy Co. factory and moved to site in 1909. First manufactured cast-iron toys, horse-drawn wagons and fire engines, circus trains, and cap guns. Toy autos became the headliners in 1930s.

Though mass produced, each Hubley toy was largely hand-made. Each one was also painted by hand, so each is somewhat unique.

Hubley metal car kits

Moving forward a few decades, we find Hubley producing its first line of Automobile kits. These metal and plastic kits were first sold in 1959. The four original kits included the Indy Racer No. 852K, 1932 Ford Custom Roadster No. 853K, Model A Ford Roadster No. 854K and the Model A Ford Pickup Truck No. 855K. The Indy Racer was discontinued in 1961, never to be reissued, making it a rare kit. The Custom Roadster was discontinued in 1962 and was never reissued. The first issue boxes had compartments for the different parts. In 1963, the Model A Roadster was reissued in new packaging with model No. 850K-300 and the Model A Pickup would be reissued in its new 7 X 10 box with its original model number.

For the production year of 1964, Hubely discontinued issuing their kits under the ‘K’- (Kit) series numberings and simply placed the numeral ‘4’ in front of the previous 3-digit-K number. and retained the suffix number. Thus, the 8xxK-300 became 48xx-300. Some releases were just 48xx. This numbering system continued until July, of 1965, when Gabriel Industries took over the Hubley operations. During the Gabriel Era, the suffix number was dropped completely and the 48XX-300 became simply model kit number 48XX.

By quickly converting to cheaper smaller toys during the Depression, they avoided financial woes experienced by many other toy companies. Iron shortages in WWII and commitments to fill war contracts did stop the toy division in 1942, until after the war. The name was later changed to Gabriel Industries and still existed as a division of CBS as of 1978.

Hubley parts

Hubley value

What’s it worth? Take a look at this Hubley price guide: sold listings for a value indication.

David – October 18, 2018

I have a Hubley electromatic 50 in working order..what is the value please
►reply: Sorry, can’t find any info on the ‘electromatic 50’.

Thomas – October 12, 2018

I’m trying to restore a Hubley Truck stamped nr.469 on back of bumper with a nr.4 stamped on bottom of roof. Not only can I not find any replacement parts but I’m finding that the nr.469 had numerous variations (dump, telephone, hitch) and colors to which I have no idea which I have as it is only the frame? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
►reply: I’m afraid I can’t help you, but maybe you could browse through ‘>Google images to find yours or take a look these listings.

Blake – October 10, 2018

I can’t find the value of a Hubley 1956 number 75 road building set in the box. Can anyone shed some light on this, I’ve looked everywhere and the only place I can find it even pictured is on worth point in which I am not a member. Thanks

Don – July 17, 2018

Did Hubley ever mark vehicles on the underside with an H with a circle around it? I have a set of cast fire vehicles (engine, ladder, and chief’s coupe) with this marking. Approximately N scale size.
►reply: Not sure. If the circle
has a small gap and is bisected by a single vertical line than it could be Hashimoto.

Nick – April 19, 2018

hello, i have 3 kits, i believe they are complete in original boxes) model a coupe nr.4861-3002) 32 chevy roadster nr.4862-4003 30 packard roadster nr.4860 any idea how to find out what they are worth, thank you
►reply: They are all between 20-30 USD.

Charles – October 11, 2017

I’m owner of metal kit 26443 (ford T depot hack). The parts with numbers 62 and 78 are lacking.On the leaflet with assembly instructions, there is also an opportunity to fill in the missing parts. It has to be send to “hubley division, gabriel industries inc, 110 pitney road , lancaster pa, 17602”. I don’t know this adress still exists. Is it possible to let me know where and how I can find the missing parts ?
►reply: This is very difficult, because indeed the address doesn’t exist anymore. Your kit is from 1976 so I’m afraid you have to look for another kit for spare parts. Also take a look on this website.

Doug – March 23, 2017

In addition to text, can a pic link be posted here. Doug
►reply: I’m working on that Doug 🙂 meanwhile send your pics to fabtintoys gmail

Rich – January 12, 2017

I have a Hubley Ford 4000 narrow front toy tractor. It is gray and blue and in color. I am having a difficult time finding any information about this tractor or its value
►reply: Made in the early 1960s. It depends on the state but between 40-100 USD.

John – November 17, 2015

Found a 520 HUBLEY fire dept. Any information on when it was made or value no paint or ladder
►reply: 1950s, value is difficult to determine, look at this Hubley 520 page to see if you find a similar one and you have a rough estimation.

Laura – June 16, 2015

I have a Hubley cast iron Fire Patrol. But it is missing the piece that connects the horses (two of them) to the carriage pole. Where can I get a replacement piece?

Richard – April 12, 2015

I have a “kit” for a 1930 Packard Sport Phaeton. I’ve had it for quite some time. Finally got around to building it,however some parts are missing. Model number 4859, part number 45 worm gear. May I order a replacement?Thank you for your reply.Richard Jackson
►reply: Hi Richard, I’m not an official Gabriel Industries distributor.

Brady – January 5, 2015

i own a 1936? ford truck stamped 7 469 made in usa by hubley not a repro for sure no box just truck and frame need to know the value
►reply: Not sure which one you have. Number #469?

Bob – December 20, 2014

Does anyone know the address the Hubley Toy Company was located at.
►reply: I found this website, maybe you can ask them:

Jamie – September 1, 2014

Have some hubley amish figurines, need any known history,lots of figurines in cast iron showing in market

Cynthia – January 28, 2014

Did any of the Hubley Trains come with yellow plastic wheels?
►reply: No idea, I just saw one on eBay with yellow wheels, not sure if they were plastic though.

Aaron – October 26, 2013

I have a Hubley Santa riding a green motorcycle, I have found 1 image on a french site but I cannot find anything else about this. the image is the one here
►reply: No idea, maybe another visitor can shed some light on this one or you can ask the webmaster of the link you mentioned. Usually Hubley motorcycles on ebay fetch between 100 up to even 800 USD.

Bill – September 11, 2013

I have model A coupe Hubley Manuf. No 861K
►reply: Sold on eBay couple of days back for 35 USD, last July one for 80 USD.

Jo – March 17, 2013

we found a hubley cast iron truck, i believe it is a panel truck, but i cannot find any information on it. Can you please help.
►reply: Sorry, but you can try to locate yours in this ended auctions list of Hubley trucks.

Heidi – February 10, 2013

I have a cast iron Removable Santa Clause in a Sleigh being pulled by two reindeer. I have seen it on the Hubley toys pages, but I am not sure if it is real or a copy of it. How can I find out?

Larry – June 30, 2012

I am looking for sources for replacement parts for the Hubley cars,any help .
►reply: Try the link above.

Craig – May 17, 2012

I looking for the plastic windshield for the hubley 1932 ford custom roadster [hot rod] diecast kit -repro or orginal

Julie – March 1, 2012

How much would a perfect like new Hubley Cast ironi boston terrier bank go for? I have one.
►reply: Best is to try

– February 21, 2012

i recently receied a horse drawn cast iron fire wagon it has 3 pieces to it.Was it made by hubley co.
►reply: Could be, Hubley made lots of horse drawn fire wagons.

Barry – December 2, 2011

I recently bought a Hubley crane truck. It has #109 on stamped in the cab of the crane. Can anyone tell me anything about this.
►reply: I found some Hubley models on this website so maybe this webmaster knows more about your truck.

Greg – October 15, 2011

Hello, can you tell me how to tell the difference between real and repo? Specifically Im referring to the Indian Motorcycle with two cops like the one on your Hubley page? The one Im interested in looks almost to good to be real vinatge. Thanks, Greg

Ken – July 17, 2011

I have a 1950s or 60s rolls royce “authentic scale model” that was made by hubley lancaster pa. made in u.s.a. “approved and authorized by rolls royce ltd. london, england”. It is 8 3/4″ long. This car is missing the hood and the rear bumper. Is it possible to buy these parts?
►reply: Difficult, but you can try searching for Hubley Rolls Royce on this website.

Glen – September 25, 2010

I have a hubley farm set with the box #90 very nice but i cant find the value can you help thanks

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